How to Remove Extra Spaces in a Word File

The word file sometimes contains many extra spaces which you want to remove. Depending on how complicated the file, you can use one of the following methods.

Method 1: Replace 2 spaces with 1 space at a time

This is the direct way to remove extra spaces if you can see the number of spaces between words is relatively small. The logic is to reduce ONE space every time till only one space left.

Step 1: Select the content (or the whole file);

Step 2: Click "Home" Tab from the ribbon, and click "Replace" to bring up the "Find and Replace" box, or using shortcut "Ctrl + H", which is the easier way to bring up the box;

Step 3: Type 2 spaces in the first box, and 1 space in the second box, and click "Replace All";

Step 4: Click "OK" and repeat the above steps till you get "0 replacements".

Method 2: Use Wildcard

If you are tired using the above methods, you can try the following method which is using wildcard.

Step 1: Select the content and bring up the "Find and replace" box;

Step 2: Click "More>>" in the dialog box;

Step 3: In the new box, select "Use wildcards", and then to type "( ){2,}" in the first box, and type "\1" in the second box.

Please note that there is a blank between brackets "( ){2,}".

Step 4: Click "Replace All", and follow the steps to remove all the extra spaces.

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