Ctrl+H: Display "Find and Replace" Box

The shortcut Ctrl+H will display "Find and Replace" dialog box, and you can replace the information from here. The default window is the "Replace" window.

To open the dialog box with "Find" as the default window, please use the shortcut "Ctrl+F".

Step 1: Click anywhere in the worksheet;

Step 2: Click the "Ctrl" key from the keyboard and hold it, then click the letter "H".

Step 3: Type the text or numbers in the first box, and type the text or numbers to replace with in the second box.

Step 4: Click "Replace all" if you want to replace all the text, or click "Replace" if you only want to replace the text one time.

Step 5: When you click "Replace all", you will see a notice when the task is finish. "All done. We made 9 replacements.

The Find and Replace dialog box appears with the default window "Replace" when pressing the shortcut Ctrl+H.

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