Pakistan Day (Pakistan)

Pakistan Day, also known as Pakistan Resolution Day, or Republic Day, is a public holiday in Pakistan, and it is observed on March 23 each year. The holiday commemorates the Lahore Resolution on March 23, 1940, and the day the country became the first Islamic Republic in the world on March 23, 1956.

During the three-day general session from May 22 to 24 in Lahore, the Lahore Resolution was presented by the Prime Minister of Bengal, which first introduced the historical resolution to form a nation-state in South Asia as Pakistan.

The announcement of a plan to partition the Indian subcontinent into India and Pakistan was announced on June 3, 1947. On August 14, 1947, Pakistan was created, and India was created a day later. However, only when the Constitution of Pakistan was passed in 1956, did Pakistan gain its freedom from British rule.

The following is the list of Pakistan Day in Pakistan from 2022 to 2026.

Pakistan DayMar 23, 2022Wednesday
Pakistan DayMar 23, 2023Thursday
Pakistan DayMar 23, 2024Saturday
Pakistan DayMar 23, 2025Sunday
Pakistan DayMar 23, 2026Monday

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