Nane Nane Day

Nane Nane Day is a public holiday in Tanzania, and it is observed on August 8 each year.

Nane Nane Day honors the hard work of farmers and celebrates to recognize the important contribution of farmers to the national Tanzanian economy. The national language in Tanzania is Swahili, and Nane Nane in Swahili means "eight eight" in English.

During the festival, there is a one-week Agricultural Exhibition around August 8 every year in various locations in Tanzania.

The following is the list of Nane Nane Day in Tanzania from 2022 to 2026.

Nane Nane DayAug 08, 2022Monday
Nane Nane DayAug 08, 2023Tuesday
Nane Nane DayAug 08, 2024Thursday
Nane Nane DayAug 08, 2025Friday
Nane Nane DayAug 08, 2026Saturday

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