Liberation Day (Guernsey)

Liberation Day is a public holiday in Guernsey, and it is observed on May 9 each year.

Liberation Day marks the end of the occupation by Nazi Germany during World War II in 1945. Guernsey is an island and self-governing British Crown Dependency in the English Channel.

Guernsey is not part of the United Kingdom, but the United Kingdom is responsible for the defense of Guernsey. During World War II, Guernsey was occupied by Germany, and it was liberated on May 9, 1945 when Germany unconditionally surrendered.

The following is the list of Liberation Day in Guernsey from 2021 to 2026.

Liberation DayMay 09, 2021Sunday
Liberation DayMay 09, 2022Monday
Liberation DayMay 09, 2023Tuesday
Liberation DayMay 09, 2024Thursday
Liberation DayMay 09, 2025Friday
Liberation DayMay 09, 2026Saturday

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