Jamat-Ul-Vida is an important festival in the Muslim society, and it falls the last Friday of the Ramadan month. Jamat-Ul-Vida is a restricted holiday in India.

Jamat-Ul-Vida is one of the holiest days of the year for muslims. On holiday, Muslim families visit mosques, read holy book of Quran, pray to the Almighty and and doing good things in return for blessings.

The following is the list of Jamat-Ul-Vida from 2021 to 2025.

Jamat-Ul-VidaMay 07, 2021Friday
Jamat-Ul-VidaApr 29, 2022Friday
Jamat-Ul-VidaMar 21, 2023Tuesday
Jamat-Ul-VidaApr 05, 2024Friday
Jamat-Ul-VidaMar 28, 2025Friday

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