How to Insert and Clear Notes in Google Sheets

A note in Google Sheets is the text for a cell aiming to explain the issues related. You can put any word or data there and it is very handy for a single user. Please check more about the notes here.

Step 1: To add a note, you need to click a cell in the Google Sheets;

Step 2: Right-click the cell and select "Note" from the dialog box;

Step 3: In the "Notes" box, type the notes you want to add;

Step 4: Click anywhere else in the Sheet to move the cursor out of the cell and you will notice there is a small triangle in the cell.

Alternatively, you can insert a note by clicking the "Insert" tab in the ribbon, then click "Notes" from the drop-down list.

To delete a note, please right-click the cell with a note and select "Clear notes" from the dialog box.

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