What are the Differences between Notes and Comments in Google Sheets

In Microsoft Excel, you have only the comments, but in Google Sheets, you have both the comments and the notes. What are the differences between the notes and comments in Google Sheets?

1. Different Purposes: A note in Google Sheet is some simple text notations to explain the issues related to a specific cell for future reference. You can put any words or explanations.

However, the commends are designed for "comments" and it shows who made comments. For example, when you have questions about a cell, you put your comments in the cell, and someone else can answer you if they see your comments. All persons' names together with the comments will appear in the comments.

2. One user vs. Multiple users

A note, the same as all other notes we make every day, is very handy for yourself. You do not need to show the notes history when and how you made the notes, so a note is ideal for a single user.

The same as Microsoft Excel, you sure can make comments on cells for yourself even though a note is handier. However, if you want to keep the history of the comments, especially when there are multiple persons, the comments will be very helpful.

3. Copy and Paste

A note will be always together with the cell. If you copy a cell with notes to another location, both the contents in the cell and the notes will move to the new location.

However, if you have comments in a cell, the comments will not copy to the new location.

4. Clear the Notes or Comments

It is much easier to delete a note in Google sheets. To delete a note, you need to right-click the cell and select "Clear notes" from the dialog box.

However, there is no command for "Clear comments" in the dialog box. If the comments are clear with all answers, you can click the "Resolve" and the comments will disappear from the cell.

In case you want to delete a comment that has no answers, you can click the dots after "Resolve" in the comment box, and select "Delete" from the drop-down list.

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