How to Insert a Bookmark in Word

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When working with a long word document, you can insert bookmarks if you cannot finish the file at once. Inserting bookmarks is very useful for long Word documents, and will allow you to quickly get the location you want to visit. Please see below for the steps to add a bookmark:

Step 1: Click the place where you want to insert a bookmark;

Step 2: Click "Insert" tab from the Ribbon;

Step 3: Click "Bookmark" from the "Links" section;

Step 4: In the "Bookmark" window, type a name (e.g., Today) for the bookmark, and click "Add".

A bookmark is added to the Word document but you cannot see it because it is hidden by default. Please check how to show bookmarks if you want the bookmarks are visible.

How to Use a Bookmark

After you add a bookmark, you can easily navigate to the bookmark location by repeating step 2 and step 3 to bring up the bookmark window.

In the bookmark window, choose a bookmark and click "Go To" on the right, the mouse cursor will move to the bookmark location.

How to Delete a Bookmark

When a bookmark is no use anymore, you can always delete or replace it. Similar to adding a bookmark, you can select a bookmark and click "Delete" to delete a bookmark in the bookmark window.

To replace a bookmark or change the location of a bookmark, please repeat steps 1 to 3 in adding a bookmark, but in step 4, instead of typing a bookmark name, you need to choose one bookmark from the list and click "Add". You will see the bookmark moves to a new location.

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