Independence Day (Cuba)

Independence Day is a public holiday in Cuba, and it is observed on October 10 each year. The holiday commemorates the anniversary when Céspedes proclaimed the establishment of the Republic of Cuba in 1868, which marks the beginning of the independence movement in 1868.

Cuba is a country located in the northern Caribbean Sea. Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492, and he claimed the islands for Spain. Spain colonized the islands in the following 400 years. However, people were not satisfied with the Spanish administration.

On October 10, 1868, the sugar planter Carlos Manuel de Céspedes declared Cuban independence and established the Republic of Cuba. He freed slaves who joined the military service. The rebellion resulted in the Ten Years' War lasted from 1868 to 1878. It was the first liberation war that Cuba fought against Spain in an attempt to achieve independence.

Céspedes became the President of the Republic of Cuba in 1869; however, he was killed by the Spanish troops on February 27, 1874.

The following is the list of Independence Day in Cuba from 2022 to 2026.

Independence DayOct 10, 2022Monday
Independence DayOct 10, 2023Tuesday
Independence DayOct 10, 2024Thursday
Independence DayOct 10, 2025Friday
Independence DayOct 10, 2026Saturday

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