How to Use MAXA Function

In statistics, the maximum value in a dataset or the largest observation is the value of the greatest elements of a sample. You can use MAXA function to find the largest value from a set of data values if you need to include logical values or text contents that representing number values as part of your calculation. Please refer to MAX function if you do not want to include them.


= MAXA(number1, [number2], …)


– Number 1 is required;

– [number2], …: numbers other than the first are optional.


The MAXA function includes logical values or text contents that representing numeric values.

Example 1: What is the maximum value in Column C?

= MAXA(C2:C9) The maximum value is 1.

Example 2: MAXA Function and MAX Function.

= MAX(C2:C9), returns to 0.97;
= MAXA(C2:C9), returns to logical value 1.

The MAXA function includes the logical value in cell C5 (TRUE), which is evaluated as 1, while this logical value is ignored in the MAX function.

Download: MAXA Function

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