How to Count the Maximum Value

In statistics, the maximum value in a dataset is the value of the greatest observation of a sample. You can use the MAX function to find the largest value from a set of data values.

Example: You are working with a dataset with the first name in column A, the last name in column B, and the salary in column C.

Formula 1: What is the maximum salary in column C?


The maximum income is $100,835.

Note: When cells contain error values or text that cannot be translated into numbers, the MAX function will return errors.

Formula 2: What is the maximum salary in column C and $111,211?

=MAX(C2:C6, 111211)

The maximum income is $111,211.

Notes: The MAX Function


= MAX(number1, [number2], …)


  • Number 1 is required;
  • [number2], …: numbers other than the first are optional.


The MAX function will count numbers, arrays, or references that contain numbers, while empty cells or cells with text values will be ignored.

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