How to Merge Cells and Center Contents

– How to Merge across Cells
– How to Merge Cells without Centering the Contents
– How to Unmerge Cells

In many situations, you may need to merge cells together for best results. Please see the steps below to merge and center cells:

Step 1: Select the cells or area you need to merge and center, e.g., A3-A5;

Step 2: Click the "Home" tab from the Ribbon;

Step 3: Click the command "Merge&Center" in the "Alignment" section;

Step 4: A reminding warning "Merging cells only keep the upper-left value and discard other values" will appear, click "OK" if you are ok;

Step 5: All the cells you selected (A3 – A5 in this example) are now in one cell.

Please note that when merge and center multiple cells with values, only keeps the upper-left value and discards other values!

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