How to Make a Pie Chart

A Pie Chart will show you the proportions of a whole which will add up to 100%. You can have as many as pies in the pie chart, but ideally not too many, otherwise, your pie chart will be visually busy. Please follow steps below to make a pie chart (or check here to make a half pie chart):

Step 1: Select the data range for the pie chart;

Step 2: Click the "Insert" tab from the ribbon;

Step 3: Click the "Pie" icon in the "Charts" section;

Step 4: Select the first "2 -D" pie;

Step 5: A new pie chart will appear;

Step 6: You can work on many components to make your pie chart better.

1. Change Chart Title: click on the title then replace with the proper ones.

2. Add Data Labels: Right click anywhere on the pies, in the dialog box, select "Add Data Labels" then "Add Data Labels" or "Add Data Callouts".

Notes: Excel 2010 and earlier versions have no option of "Add Data Callouts".

3. Rotate Pie Chart: Double click anywhere on the pies, in the Format Data Series window, change the values of "Angle of first slice" to rotate your pie chart.

4. Separate a Pie: Click on the pie then drag away from the pie chart to separate the pie from the whole pie chart.

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