How to Make a Half Pie Chart

A regular Pie Chart will show you the proportions of a whole which add up to 100%, sometimes you may need to have a half Pie chart. Please follow the steps below to make a half pie chart (please refer here if you need a regular pie chart):

Step 1: To make a half pie, we need to add the total at the bottom. All pies of a pie chart still add up to 100%, since the total now takes half of it, all categories (regions in this example) now become 50%;

Step 2: Select the data and click the "Insert" Tab from the ribbon;

Step 3: Click "Pie" from the Charts area;

Step 4: A blank Pie Chart will be created.

Step 5: Rotate Pie Chart: Right click on the pies, then change to 270 degree of the "Angle of first slice";

Step 6: Remove the color of the bottom half pie:

1. Move your mouse click on the pies, all pies will be selected, then a second click on the bottom part, the bottom part only will be selected. Then right click and select "Format Data Point" from the dialog window;

2. In "Format Data Point" window, click "No fill", the bottom part will disappear;

Step 7: Other improvements:

1. Add Data Label: right click on the chart and select "Add Data Labels", then format to select percentages;

2. Delete "Total" from legend: click on Legend, another click on "Total" (not double click), then press "delete" key;

3. Move the Legend up: click and hold the legend, drag up to the position, then release your mouse.

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