How to Group Items in the Pivot Table

You can group the items after you make a Pivot Table, please see below for details.

In this example, we are going to group "Region" into two groups:

  1. East and North to Northeast, and
  2. South and West to Southwest.

Step 1: Select North and East from the "Region" column;

Step 2: Right-click and click "Group" from the dialog box;

Step 3: You will see they are "Group1" now;

Step 4: Select South and West from the "Region" column;

Step 5: Right-click and select "Group" from the dialog box;

Step 6: They are now the "Group2".

Step 8: Change "Group1" to Northeast, and "Group2" to Southwest in the formula bar;

Step 6: If you want to collapse the groups to show only "Northeast" and "Southwest", please click the minus in front each group.

If your data has a long list, please right-click any cell in the column, and select "Expand/Collapse", then select Collapse Entire Field".

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