How to Make a Simple Pivot Table

Pivot Table is a very useful tool and will transfer your data to a simple way. Please see the steps below to make a simple Pivot Table (click here download sample data):

Step 1: Click anywhere in the dataset (note: please download here for practice);

Step 2: Click "Insert" from Ribbon, then click "PivotTable" command;

Step 3: Excel will automatically select the whole dataset where your cursor is. The default location for the new Pivot Table report will be placed in a new worksheet;

Alternatively, you can change the location to the "Existing Worksheet", but you will need to move your mouse out of the dataset (click any cell that is not in the dataset);

Step 4: Click "OK" at the bottom and you will have a new Pivot Table in the New Worksheet, but it is now blank (your mouse in default should be located in the top-left cell of the Pivot Table);

Step 5: Drag "Region" to the Row Labels box and "Salary" to the Values box;

Step 6: You will get a simple Pivot table similar to the one below.

Step 7: You can add more columns by adding "Gender" to the Column Labels box.

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