How to Group a Column into Different Groups

When analyzing data in Excel, you often need to categorize a column with data into different groups. The group can be many different variables, such as age group, subject scores and many others.

In this example, we are going to group students' scores into 3 groups:

- over 80;
- 60 to 79; and
- less than 60.

1. Excel 2019 and After

If you are working with Excel 2019 or above, you can use the IFS Function.

=IFS(A2<60,"less than 60", AND(A2>=60,A2<80),"60 to 79",A2>=80, "over 80")

2. Excel 2016 and before

If you are working with Excel 2016 or an earlier version, you cannot use the IF function, but you can use the IF function.

=IF(A2<60,"less than 60", IF(AND(A2>=60,A2<80),"60 to 79", IF(A2>=80, "over 80")))

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