Full Moon Day of Waso

Full Moon Day of Waso is a public holiday in Myanmar, and it is observed on the full moon of the month of Waso, which is the fourth month of the traditional Burmese calendar.

Full Moon Day of Waso is one of the important Buddhism festivals, and it commemorates the Buddha's first sermon. Full Moon Day of Waso marks the start of Buddhist Lent, which lasts 3 months until the full moon of Thadingyut, the seventh month of the traditional Burmese calendar.

During the Buddhist Lent, monks must remain in a particular monastery or temple grounds, and they are not allowed to stay overnight in other places. They will study, meditate or teach other young monks during this time.

This first sermon is considered one of the most important teachings in Buddhism, and it contains the four noble truths, the essence of all his following teachings.

  • Dukkha: the truth of suffering;
  • Samudaya: the truth of the origin of suffering;
  • Nirodha: the truth of the cessation of suffering;
  • Magga: the truth of the path to the cessation of suffering.

The following is the Full Moon Day of Waso from 2022 to 2026.

Full Moon Day of WasoJul 12, 2022Tuesday
Full Moon Day of WasoAug 01, 2023Tuesday
Full Moon Day of WasoJul 20, 2024Saturday
Full Moon Day of WasoJul 09, 2025Wednesday
Full Moon Day of WasoJul 29, 2026Wednesday

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