Homeland Defender's Day (Kyrgyzstan)

Homeland Defender's Day is a public holiday in Kyrgyzstan, and it is observed on February 23 each year.

Homeland Defender's Day, original Fatherland Defender Day, celebrates those who are and were serving in the armed forces defending the peace of the country. The celebration was related to two events: the mass draft into the Red Army on February 17, 1918, and the Red Army establishment on February 18, 1918.

The holiday was known as Red Army Day until 1923 when it was renamed Day of the Red Army and the Navy. In 1949, the holiday was changed to Soviet Army and Navy Day, and it was changed to its current name in 2002 following the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. In Russia, the holiday is celebrated as the Defender of Fatherland Day.

The following is the list of Fatherland Defender Day from 2022 to 2026.

Fatherland Defender DayFeb 23, 2022Wednesday
Fatherland Defender DayFeb 23, 2023Thursday
Fatherland Defender DayFeb 23, 2024Friday
Fatherland Defender DayFeb 23, 2025Sunday
Fatherland Defender DayFeb 23, 2026Monday

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