Farmers' Day (Zambia)

Farmers' Day is a public holiday in Zambia, and it is observed on the first Monday in August each year.

The Zambian economy has historically relied on the copper mining industry. In recent years, the Zambia government also worked with international investors to prospect for other minerals such as nickel and tin. Metal exports accounted for over 60% of all export earnings. However, the export of metals has been heavily affected by the prices.

In recent years, the Zambian government had put great efforts into promoting agriculture to diversify the economy. Zambia has vast fertile land and a favorable climate. However, less than 20% of its land is currently under cultivation. Zambian agriculture mainly comprises crops, livestock, and fisheries. Farmers' Day celebrates agriculture to show respect to farmers who produced food to feed the country.

The following is the list of Farmers' Day in Zambia from 2022 to 2026.

Farmers' DayAug 01, 2022Monday
Farmers' DayAug 07, 2023Monday
Farmers' DayAug 05, 2024Monday
Farmers' DayAug 04, 2025Monday
Farmers' DayAug 03, 2026Monday

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