Day of Reconciliation

Day of Reconciliation is a public holiday in South Africa, and it is observed on December 16 each year.

Day of Reconciliation marks the end of apartheid with the purpose to foster unity and reconciliation across the country. Day of Reconciliation is meaningful for both Afrikaner and black African cultures in an attempt to create racial harmony.

The Afrikaners celebrated December 16 as the Day of the Vow before 1994, which is a religious holiday in commemoration of the Voortrekker victory at the Battle of Blood River in 1838.

December 16 is also significant for African people because militant Umkhonto we Sizwe was formed on December 16, 1961. The African National Congress (ANC) believed the non-violent resistance to the apartheid government before this day.

The following is the list of Day of Reconciliation in South Africa from 2021 to 2025.

Day of ReconciliationDec 16, 2021Thursday
Day of ReconciliationDec 16, 2022Friday
Day of ReconciliationDec 16, 2023Saturday
Day of ReconciliationDec 16, 2024Monday
Day of ReconciliationDec 16, 2025Tuesday

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