Ctrl+T: Create Table Box

"Ctrl+T" is the shortcut to display the "Create Table" dialog box, which is the quick way to turn your data range into a table.

The shortcut Ctrl+L has the same function. You can always refer Excel commands to create a table if you forget the shortcuts.

Step 1: Click anywhere in the data range, or select the data part you want to create a table;

Step 2: Press the key "Ctrl" from the keyboard and hold it, then click the letter "T" from the keyboard. This will bring up the "Create Table" window;

Step 3: Click "OK" in the "Create Table" window and the data range you selected turns into a table.

Please note that you can change the data range by clicking the arrow and re-select the data range if you changed your mind while creating a table.

If you already created a table, you can resize the table by clicking the right-bottom corner, then hold and drag to the size you need.

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