Corn Riots Anniversary

Corn Riots Anniversary is an one-off public holiday in Jersey, and it is observed on September 27, 2021.

Corn Riots Anniversary marks the 250th anniversary of the Corn Riots, which took place in 1769, and the subsequent democratic reforms of 1771.

In the 1800s, the Jersey government was in the hands of the rich few, and most Islanders had to pay to their Seigneurs products such as chicken, wheat or corn as rente, which was fixed by the Lemprieres every year. The Islanders hardly produce enough wheat to satisfy themselves even in good years, and situation will get worse in some bad years.

In 1768, there was a severe shortage of wheat, which made the wheat price high. Situation got worse in the following year, however, the Lemprieres arranged to take wheat to France to sell them at a high price.

Frustrated with the food shortages and the unfair situations, on September 28, 1769, hundreds of Islanders stormed the Royal Court to protest against food shortage. The event paved the way for major political reforms in 1771. The States Assembly was given the sole ability to make laws and the Royal Court's legislative powers were fully removed.

The following is the list of Corn Riots Anniversary in Jersey.

Corn Riots AnniversarySep 27, 2021Monday

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