Constitution Day (Spain)

Constitution Day is a public holiday in Spain, observed on December 6 each year.

Constitution Day commemorates the anniversary of the referendum held in Spain on December 6, 1978. Francisco Franco Bahamonde, a Spanish general, led the Nationalist forces to win power during the Spanish Civil War and ruled over Spain for 36 years from 1939 to 1975. After his death on November 20, 1975, Spain needed a new constitution, and a general election in 1977 convened the Constituent Cortes for the purpose of drafting and approving the constitution.

On October 31, 1978, the constitution was approved by the Cortes Generales, and on December 6, 1978, it was approved in a referendum, in which 92% of voters supported the new constitution.

The following is the list of Constitution Day in Spain from 2022 to 2026.

Constitution DayDec 06, 2022Tuesday
Constitution DayDec 06, 2023Wednesday
Constitution DayDec 06, 2024Friday
Constitution DayDec 06, 2025Saturday
Constitution DayDec 06, 2026Sunday

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