Buddhist Lent Day

Buddhist Lent Day is a public holiday in Thailand, and it is observed on the first day of the waning moon of the eighth lunar month, which is the day after Asalha Puja.

Buddhist Lent Day marks the start of the three-month period of Vassa when monks are required to remain in a particular monastery or temple grounds, usually from July to October. It coincides with the rainy season, and traditionally the monks are not allowed to stay overnight in other places. They will study, meditate or teach other young monks during this time.

The following is the list of Buddhist Lent Day from 2022 to 2026.

Buddhist Lent DayJul 14, 2022Thursday
Buddhist Lent DayAug 02, 2023Wednesday
Buddhist Lent DayJul 22, 2024Monday
Buddhist Lent DayJul 11, 2025Friday
Buddhist Lent DayJul 30, 2026Thursday

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