Amazigh New Year (Algeria)

Amazigh New Year, also known as Yennayer, is a public holiday in Algeria, and it is observed on January 12 each year.

Amazigh New Year is the first day of the Amazigh calendar which is used since ancient times by the Imazighen (or Berber) to regulate the seasonal agricultural works. Imazighen (or Berber) is an ethnic group mostly concentrated in North Africa, especially Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and the Canary Islands.

Amazigh New Year is widely celebrated in the Imazighen (or Berber) world, and it is celebrated in various ways. Like many other cultures, Amazigh New Year is a time for family gathering and enjoying a good time. During the festival, people wear traditional clothes and prepare traditional food for meals.

Although Amazigh New Year is a popular festival in North Africa, Algeria is the first country that declares it a national holiday in 2018 to recognize the Amazigh culture and traditions.

The following is the list of Amazigh New Year in Algeria from 2022 to 2026.

Amazigh New YearJan 12, 2022Wednesday
Amazigh New YearJan 12, 2023Thursday
Amazigh New YearJan 12, 2024Friday
Amazigh New YearJan 12, 2025Sunday
Amazigh New YearJan 12, 2026Monday

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