All Saints' Day (Finland)

All Saints' Day, also known as Feast of All Saints, is a religious holiday celebrated by Christians and it is observed on the Saturday between 31 October and 6 November in Finland.

All Saints' Day commemorates all the saints from Christian history including those known and unknown. In the 4th century, people started to commemorate all Christian martyrs on May 13, and in 609 AD, All Saints' Day was formally started by Pope Boniface IV at Rome on May 13. Pope Gregory III  started the current data of November 1 as the All Saints' Day during his reign from 731 to 741.

The following is the list of All Saints' Day in Finland from 2021 to 2025.

All Saints' DayNov 06, 2021Saturday
All Saints' DayNov 05, 2022Saturday
All Saints' DayNov 04, 2023Saturday
All Saints' DayNov 02, 2024Saturday
All Saints' DayNov 01, 2025Saturday

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