How to Add Paragraphs a Border in Word

When working with a word file, you may want to emphasize one or more paragraphs by adding borders. This is a great way to make the important parts standing out to catch audiences attention immediately. The method to add borders to paragraphs is very similar to add borders to pages. Please see below for details:

Step 1: Move the cursor to the paragraph that you want to add borders and click the "Design" tab from the ribbon;

Step 2: Click "Page Borders" in the "Page Background" area;

Step 3: In the "Borders and Shading" window, click "Borders" tab, select the border type and click "Box" on the very left side to add borders, or click the "Preview" area to add borders on any side;

To add borders to more than one paragraph, you will need to select all the paragraphs at the beginning and then follow the steps above.

Step 4: Click "OK" to finish.

To remove the borders, please move the cursor to anywhere in the paragraph or paragraphs and repeat the steps above, then click "None" in step 3.

Please check "How to Add Border Shadow in Word" to add a border shadow.

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