How to Add Currency Signs in Excel

– How to Change Currency Symbols
– How to Remove Currency Formatting
– How to Apply Accounting Formatting
– Difference between Currency and Accounting

You need to add currency signs before numbers in many situations. In Excel, the format of currency is the combination of the currency signs and numbers, which is different from the accounting formatting. The accounting formatting leaves currency signs on the left and numbers on the right. Please follow the steps below to apply currency signs:

Step 1: Select cells or the data range with numbers;

Step 2: Click the "Home" Tab from Ribbon;

Step 3: From the "Number Format", select "Currency";

Step 4: The dollar signs are added to the numbers.

By default, the Excel will select the currency sign based on the settings in your computer. Please check how to change the currency signs for more information, or to remove the currency symbols.

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