How to Add Image Border with Snagit 2020

Snagit 2020 | Snagit 2019 | Previous Version

Snagit is a screen capture software that captures video and images display. If you have the software Snagit 2020, you can add a border to the picture easily. Please follow the steps below to bring the border command to the ribbon and add a border to the image.

Step 1: Right-click the ribbon and click "Customize Toolbar";

Step 2: Find the "Border" icon from the tool list under the "Effects" section;

Step 3: Drag the "Border" icon to the ribbon area;

Step 4: Open the picture with Snagit 2020;

Step 5: Click the "Border" icon from the ribbon, and adjust the border width;

Step 6: Change the "Border" color by clicking the color square and select a color (e.g., green);

Step 7: Click the "Apply" button at the bottom;

Step 8: You will see the picture now is with a green border.

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