How Many Working Days in Hamburg, Germany in 2020

2020 is a leap year that has 366 days in total. In Hamburg, Germany, there are 255 working days, 104 weekends and 10 public holidays in 2020.

There are 3 holidays that fall on weekends: German Unity Day, Reformation Day, and Second Day of Christmas. Please check holidays in Hamburg in 2020.

January 1-31228131
February 1-29209029
March 1-31229031
April 1-30208230
May 1-311910231
June 1-30218130
July 1-31238031
August 1-312110031
September 1-30228030
October 1-3122*9231
November 1-30219030
December 1-3122*8231

* German Unity Day falls on October 03, 2020, which is Saturday.

Reformation Day falls on October 31, 2020, which is Saturday.

Second Day of Christmas falls on December 26, 2020, which is Saturday.

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