Thiruvonam / Onam

Onam is a harvest festival celebrated in state of Kerala, India, and it is a 10-day festival. Thiruvonam is the 10th day of the festival, also the day King Mahabali arriving to bless people.

On this day, people have a bath, wear new clothes, go to the temples to pray, and prepare special vegetarian feast Sadhya. At the same time, some cultural events are celebrated across the states.

The following is the list of Thiruvonam / Onam from 2021 to 2025.

Thiruvonam / OnamAug 21, 2021Saturday
Thiruvonam / OnamSept 08, 2022Thursday
Thiruvonam / OnamAug 29, 2023Tuesday
Thiruvonam / OnamSept 15, 2024Sunday
Thiruvonam / OnamSept 05, 2025Friday

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