3 Best Ways to Take a Screenshot

A screen screenshot is a snapshot of anything on your computer screens such as the desktop or a WebPage. When working with your computer, you often need to take a screenshot to make the communication more efficient. The following are the 3 most convenient and useful tools to take a screenshot.

1. "PrtSc" Key

This is the easiest method. Simply press the "PrtSc" key from the keyboard, you will get the screenshot as a picture. Depending on your keyboard structure, the location of the key can vary, but most likely you can find it on the top-right area. The name can also be different on different keyboards.

- Paste to Other Files: If you want to put this screenshot in a word file (or powerpoint, excel, email), you need to open the file, then paste it by using shortcut "Ctrl+V" or right-click and select "Paste" from the dialog window.

- Save the Screenshot: If you just want to save the screenshot, please use the shortcut "Windows+PrtSc". The screenshots will be automatically stored in the "Pictures" folder.

- Edit Screenshot: If you only need one part of the screenshot, you can edit in the "Paint", one free built-in software in Windows.

2. Snipping Tool

Snipping tool is a very light and useful tool which is built-in with Windows. With Snipping Tool, you can select whatever size or portion of your screen.

Step 1: To find the snipping tool, type "Snipping Tool" in the search box, and click on it when it appears in the list.

Step 2: To have a screenshot, click "New" in the new window and you will find the whole screen is blurry. Click and drag to select the area you want to have a screenshot.

Step 3: You can save the picture or copy and paste to other files.

3. Snagit Capture

Snagit Capture is a third-party tool. It is one of the best screen capture tools and the only program with built-in advanced image editing and screen recording. You can select whatever size of the screen and edit directly after such as adding borders, arrows, and stamps, etc. Another reason why I like this tool is that you can record a video of your screen.

Snagit Capture is not free and it costs about $49.95 US dollars per license for two computers, but they have the education and government rate if you are qualified.

I have been enjoying using Snagit Capture in the last a couple of years and it is still my favorite. By the way, all the pictures in this post are edited with Snagit Capture.

For more information, please check the official website www.techsmith.com.

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