How to Sum Cells based on a Full-Text String

The SUMIF function sums the cells that meet a criterion, and you can use the function to sum cells with the corresponding cells that are a text string in another column.

Example: You are working with a worksheet with the product in column A, the amount in column B, and the profit/loss in column C.

Question: What is the sum of the marks for students with the last name of Williams?

=SUMIF(B2:B10, "Williams", D2:D10)

There are two cells with the word " Williams". Please note that the SUMIF function is not case-sensitive, and "Williams" and "WILLIAMS" are included.

Notes: The SUMIF Function

The SUMIF function sums the values in a range that meets the specified criteria.


=SUMIF(range, criterion, [sum_range])


– Range is required; the cells you want to be evaluated by criteria.
– Criterion is required; the criteria define which cells will be added.

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