St. George's Day (Canada)

St. George's Day in Canada is a public holiday in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, and it is observed on the nearest Monday to April 23.

St. George's Day is a holiday in memory of St. George, who was venerated as a saint in Christianity. There is little information on the early life of St. George, but many historians believe he was born in a noble family and his parents were both Christians.

He became a soldier in the Roman army when he grew up, and became a senior officer in his 20's. The Roman Emperor, Diocletian, hated Christians, and announced to arrest Christians and to offer sacrifice to the Roman gods. St. George, a Christian, refused to follow Diocletian's order. He was then tortured and beheaded for refusing to recant his Christian faith.

One well known story is about St. George and the dragon. According to the legend, a fierce dragon caused panic in the city of Silene, Libya, and people gave the dragon two sheep each day. However, the dragon was greedy and forced to sacrifice humans instead of two sheep. One time, the human selected was the king's daughter. George slayed the dragon and save the princess. The king was grateful and offered him treasures, and St. George gave them to the poor. The people was amazed with St. George's behavior and all became Christians.

The following is the list of St. George's Day in Canada from 2022 to 2026.

St. George's DayApr 25, 2022Monday
St. George's DayApr 24, 2023Monday
St. George's DayApr 22, 2024Monday
St. George's DayApr 21, 2025Monday
St. George's DayApr 20, 2026Monday

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