How to Sort Data Range in Google Sheets

Sorting data range is very common when preparing and cleaning your data. There are different sorting methods. You can sort the data range by the font color or the cell color, also by the value. Please see below for details:

Step 1: Select the data range to sort;

Step 2: Click the "Data" tab from the ribbon;

Step 3: If you want to sort the sheet by column A, click "Sort sheet by column A";

If you want to sort the range by column A, click "Sort range by column A";

If you want to sort the range by other columns, please click "Sort Range" from the list;

Step 4: If you sort by columns other than column A, you need to click "Sort Range" from the list in step 3. In the dialog box, select the column to sort by, e.g., Column B;

Step 5: To sort by more than one column, click "Add another sort column", and select the second column, e.g., column C;

Step 6: The data range will sort by column B and then by column C.

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