Shift+F5: "Find and Replace" Window

The shortcut Shift+F5 is to display the "Find and Replace" dialog box with the "Find" box as the default window. It is the same as the shortcut "Ctrl+F".

Step 1: Open the worksheet and click anywhere in the worksheet;

Step 2: Press and hold the key "Shift" from the keyboard, then press the key "F5" from the keyboard. The search box appears;

Step 3: Type the word or the phrase you want to search in the search box, e.g., "th";

– If you only need to find the next word or phrase in the workbook, please click the "Find Next" button. The cursor will move to the next cell with the word or phrase;

– If you want to find all the words or phrases in the workbook, please click the "Find All" button. The list of the records will list under the search box;

You can check the cells with the word or phrase by clicking the row in the list, and the cursor will move to the cell.

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