How to Set Up a Distribution List in Outlook

You can create a distribution list from your contacts list in Microsoft Outlook and store that distribution list in the contacts folder. This is very convenient and time-saving if you frequently send emails to the group.

Step 1: Click "People" from the left bottom taskbar;

Note: If you cannot see the option, please click the dots to show more options.

Step 2: In the "Contact" window, click "New Contact Group";

Step 3: Type a group name in the name box (e.g., excelnotes);

Step 4: Click "Add Members" and select one of the 3 options where you have the contacts;

- From Outlook Contacts;
- From Address Book;
- New E-mail Contact.

Step 5: To make sure all the contacts are added to the list and click "Save & Close";

Step 6: When you send emails next time, in the "Send to" box, type "excelnotes", the list of contacts will be included;

Step 7: If you do not want to send the message for some members in the group, you can double click on the cross in front of "excelnotes" to expand to members' list and remove contacts before sending;

Step 8: If some members in this group left and you want to update the list, please repeat step 1 to open the contact window.

1. In the contact window, select the contact group;
2. Select the members you want to remove;
3. Click "Remove member" from the Ribbon;
4. Click "Save&Close" to close the window.

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