Seng Kut Snem

Seng Kut Snem is a regional holiday in the state of Meghalaya, India, and it is observed on November 23 each year.

Seng Kut Snem marks the Seng Khasi Movement. On November 23, 1899, 16 brave youths formed an organization called the Khasi Young Men's Association to protect their indigenous religion, rich culture and traditions while the Khasi people were under the control of the British Empire.

The following is the list of Seng Kut Snem from 2021 to 2025.

Seng Kut SnemNov 23, 2021Tuesday
Seng Kut SnemNov 23, 2022Wednesday
Seng Kut SnemNov 23, 2023Thursday
Seng Kut SnemNov 23, 2024Saturday
Seng Kut SnemNov 23, 2025Sunday

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