How to Send Calendar Permission to Other People in Outlook

In the workplace, it is common to share your calendar with your boss, your employees or even coworkers. Please follow the steps below to share your calendar:

Step 1: Click the Calendar button from the navigation bar to open calendar;

Step 2: Click "Share Calendar" command under the "Home" tab;

Step 3: Type the recipients' email address in the "To" box;

Step 4: Set up the level of information you want to share by selecting one of the options from the details box;

Availability only: Time will be shown as "Free", "Busy", "Tentative", "Working Elsewhere", or "Out of Office";

Limited details: Includes the availability and subjects of calendar items only;

Full details: Includes the availability and full details of calendar items.

Step 5: If you also want request permission to view the recipient's calendar, please check the box in front of "Request permission to view recipient's calendar";

Step 6: Click "Send", a reminder box pop-up to ask for confirmation, click "Yes" and the calendar share is sent to recipients.

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