How to Save Outlook Folders on Hard Drive

There are many ways to create a folder in Outlook which is a great way to organize your messages. If you want to save all the emails in the folder on your hard drive or the memory bar, please see steps below:

Step 1: Click "File" from the Ribbon;

Step 2: Click "Open&Export" from the left, and click "Import/Export";

Step 3: In the "Import and Export Wizard" window, click "Export to a file" from the list and click "Next";

Step 4: Select "Outlook Data File (.pst)" in the "Export to a File" window and click "Next";

Step 5: Select the folder you want to export, e.g., "Inbox", please remember to check "Include subfolders" if you have subfolders under the main folder;

Step 6: Click "Browse" to the location where the exported file will be saved, and select one of the 3 options in the new window, click "Finish";

– Replace duplicates with items exported;
– Allow duplicate items to be created;
– Do not export duplicate items.

Step 7: Add a password and click "OK", or you can directly click "OK" without adding a password;

Step 8: The process might take a couple seconds depending on the size of the folder.

After you complete all the steps, please remember to double check the folders on the hard drive.

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