Sabitri Amabasya

Sabitri Amabasya, also known as Savitri Brata, is a regional holiday in the state of Odisha, India, and it is observed on the no moon day in month of Jyeshtha.

Sabitri Amabasya is a fasting day for married Hindu women. On this day, women get up early and wear new sarees after taking bath. The fasting starts from the sunrise and ends the sunset. Married women pray for their husband to have a long life.

The following is the list of Sabitri Amabasya from 2021 to 2025.

Sabitri AmabasyaJun 10, 2021Thursday
Sabitri AmabasyaMay 30, 2022Monday
Sabitri AmabasyaMay 19, 2023Friday
Sabitri AmabasyaJun 06, 2024Thursday
Sabitri AmabasyaMay 27, 2025Tuesday

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