Queen's Birthday (Australia)

Queen's Birthday is a public holiday in all Australian states and territories, but it is observed on different dates in different states.

Queen's Birthday is to celebrate the birthday of the monarch, however, the celebration date may not be the monarch's actual birthday. Queen's Birthday celebration first started in 1788 on the birthday of the King of Great Britain. It was observed on the actual birthday in the beginning and changed to the second Monday in June 1936 in the United Kingdom after King George V died. However, the holiday is observed on different days in different countries and regions.

States except for Queensland and Western Australia

In Australian states or territories other than Queensland and Western Australia, Queen's Birthday is observed on the 2nd Monday in June.

Queen's BirthdayJun 13, 2022Monday
Queen's BirthdayJun 12, 2023Monday
Queen's BirthdayJun 10, 2024Monday
Queen's BirthdayJun 09, 2025Monday
Queen's BirthdayJun 08, 2026Monday


In the state of Queensland, Australia, Queen's Birthday is observed on the 1st Monday in October.

Queen's BirthdayOct 03, 2022Monday
Queen's BirthdayOct 02, 2023Monday
Queen's BirthdayOct 07, 2024Monday
Queen's BirthdayOct 06, 2025Monday
Queen's BirthdayOct 05, 2026Monday

Western Australia

In the state of Western Australia, Queen's Birthday is proclaimed by the Governor of Western Australia, and it usually falls on the last Monday of September or the first Monday of October.

Queen's BirthdaySep 26, 2022Monday
Queen's BirthdaySep 25, 2023Monday
Queen's BirthdaySep 30, 2024Monday
Queen's BirthdaySep 29, 2025Monday
Queen's BirthdaySep 28, 2026Monday

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