How to Permanently Delete a Message in Outlook

If you do not want a message, you can Permanently delete it with the methods below:

Method 1: Using "Shift + delete":

Step 1: Click the message you want to delete in the message window;

Step 2: Pressing "Shift" key and pressing "Delete";

Step 3: In the message warning window, click "Yes" to permanently delete the message.

Method 2: Alternatively, please use the method below:

Step 1: Select the message to be deleted, the "×" icon will appear at the end of the message. Click to delete the message;

Step 2: The message will be moved to the "Deleted Items" folder if you are using Exchange Account (e.g., school or company working outlook); or moved to the "Trash" folder if you have personal desktop Outlook;

Step 3: In the "Trash" folder, or "Deleted Items" folder if you use Exchange Account, click the message and click the "x" to delete message again to permanently delete the message.

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