Pahili Raja

Pahili Raja is a regional holiday in the state of Odisha, India, and it is observed in the middle of June each year, the day prior to Raja Sankranti.

Pahili Raja is the day before the first day of the Ashara month, also the first day of the three-day festival of Raja which celebrates the womanhood and menstruation. It is believed that Mother Earth goes through a menstrual cycle for these three days. Agricultural works are suspended to avoid hurting the earth. Raja is a festival celebrated for women. They wear new clothes, enjoy the folk songs, go swings during the festival, and the most exciting part is that women are exempted from the household work during the festival.

The following is the list of Pahili Raja from 2021 to 2025.

Pahili RajaJun 14, 2021Monday
Pahili RajaJun 14, 2022Tuesday
Pahili RajaJun 14, 2023Wednesday
Pahili RajaJun 14, 2024Friday
Pahili RajaJun 14, 2025Saturday

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