Nyempa Guzom

Nyempa Guzom is a regional festival in the state of Sikkim, India, and it is observed on the 6th and 7th day of the 11th month of Tibetan calendar.

Nyempa Guzom is also called the nine evils festival, and it is believed that nothing good can be achieved during the festival. People try to avoid the important works and usually stay indoors. Families get together to have a special meal and men often spend the day playing games.

The following is the list of Nyempa Guzom from 2021 to 2025.

Nyempa GuzomJan 08, 2022Saturday
Nyempa GuzomJan 09, 2022Sunday
Nyempa GuzomDec 28, 2022Wednesday
Nyempa GuzomDec 29, 2022Thursday
Nyempa GuzomDec 18, 2023Monday
Nyempa GuzomDec 19, 2023Tuesday
Nyempa GuzomJan 05, 2025Sunday
Nyempa GuzomJan 06, 2025Monday
Nyempa GuzomDec 26, 2025Friday
Nyempa GuzomDec 27, 2025Saturday

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