Nunavut Day

Nunavut Day is a public holiday in Nunavut Territory, Canada and is observed on July 9 each year.

Nunavut Day was first celebrated on April 1, 2000 for the split from the Northwest Territories in 1999. The holiday was then moved to July 9 in 2001 to celebrate the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement, which gave the Inuit of the central and eastern Northwest Territories a separate territory called Nunavut.

The following is the list of Nunavut Day from 2021 to 2025.

Nunavut DayJul 09, 2021Friday
Nunavut DayJul 09, 2022Saturday
Nunavut DayJul 09, 2023Sunday
Nunavut DayJul 09, 2024Tuesday
Nunavut DayJul 09, 2025Wednesday

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