National Heroes Day (Philippines)

National Heroes' Day is a public holiday in the Philippines, and it is observed on the last Monday of August each year.

National Heroes Day in the Philippines marks the anniversary of the Cry of Pugad Lawin, the beginning of the Philippine Revolution against the Spanish Empire in August 1896.

National Heroes Day was first enacted the holiday into law in 1931 with the last Sunday of August of every year as the official celebration. However, in the subsequent years, National Heroes Day was celebrated on the same day as Bonifacio Day, which celebrates on November 30 and commemorates anonymous heroes of the nation.

In 1952, National Heroes Day was moved back to the last Sunday of August as an effort to celebrate each national hero's anniversary.

In 2007, the holiday was changed to the last Monday of August aiming to reduce work disruptions, allow for longer weekends and boost domestic leisure and tourism.

The following is the list of National Heroes Day in the Philippines from 2021 to 2025.

National Heroes DayAug 30, 2021Monday
National Heroes DayAug 29, 2022Monday
National Heroes DayAug 28, 2023Monday
National Heroes DayAug 26, 2024Monday
National Heroes DayAug 25, 2025Monday

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