National Day (Qatar)

National Day, also known as Founder's Day, is a public holiday in Qatar, and it is observed on December 18 each year. The holiday commemorates Qatar's unification in 1878 and the day when Sheikh Mohammed bin Thani died on December 18, 1878. He was the first ruler of the whole Qatar Peninsula.

Sheikh Mohammed was born in 1788 and died on December 18, 1878. He was the most important figure in Qatar and he extended his influence throughout the whole Qatar Peninsula. On September 12, 1868, He signed a treaty with Lewis Pelly, an East India Company officer, which was considered the independence of Qatar.

The following is the list of National Day in Qatar from 2022 to 2026.

National DayDec 18, 2022Sunday
National DayDec 18, 2023Monday
National DayDec 18, 2024Wednesday
National DayDec 18, 2025Thursday
National DayDec 18, 2026Friday

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